Minglestream is a photo/video pop-up Tweetwall

The next generation Tweetwall… a real-time social media multimedia display with live streaming & image/video support for your event or venue.

  • Live Stream Embedding

    Live Stream Embedding

    We support UStream, Livestream, or other embeddable streaming services, and integrate them into your display.

  • Displays Images/Videos

    Displays Images/Videos

    Tweets are scanned for images and videos from Twitter and Instagram, and displayed in a pop-up window for a moment, then continue scrolling tweets.

  • Boost User-Generated Buzz

    Boost User-Generated Buzz

    The quickest and easiest way to boost people sharing tweets, photos and videos during your event, tagged with your event hashtag.

  • Web-based Customization

    Web-based Customization

    Completely brandable and customizable with a secure web-based back-end.

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  • What is Minglestream?

    What is Minglestream?

    Minglestream is the best tweetwall, created to deliver a streaming live feed of your event or venue, displayed in a prominent location which encourages people to share photos and tweets and been seen immediately.

  • How does it work?

    How does it work?

    Minglestream takes your custom search string, one or more hashtags or words you can configure, and searches Twitter, displaying all matches, as well as photos and video clips included in those tweets that match.

  • Why will you love it?

    Why will you love it?

    Because it’s the easiest and quickest way to boost your social buzz, greatly increasing the sharing of tweets, photos and videos at your event or venue! Check out the live demo, take a more in-depth tour, and sign-up today!